Lift Passes - the freedom to go.

All lift Passes are arranged locally with our local partner company.

Mont de la Lune 6 day DISCOUNTED PASSES

- includes plastic support (worth £3.00) and free half days ski upon arrival. 

 (ages 15-64) (ages 6-14) (ages 0-5) (ages 65-74) (Age 75+) 
2nd Dec - 22nd Dec£145pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
23rd Dec - 5th Jan£197pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
6th Jan -26th Jan £175pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
27th Jan - 9th Feb £182pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
10th Feb - 9th March£197pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
10th March - 16th March £191pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
17th March - 23rd March £175pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
24th March - 6th April£191pp£155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree
7th April - 14th April£175pp £155pp£32.73pp£179.09ppFree

The pass is for the 6 day area pass covering Montgenevre & Claviere (MDL) + free days into the other neighbouring resorts. No photos required and we can replace the pass if it lost for only 5 euros, just take a note or a photo of the serial number when you first receive it.

 Only available for clients who book accommodation and/or transfers through or via us.

Monts de la Lune Mini-break passes

Adult (ages 15-64) Child (ages 6-14) Senior (ages 65-74)

Easy, convenient, flexible.

You've come to get on the snow not wait in queues so book your lift pass -handed to you on arrival you'll be ready to go *

When pre-booking lift passes, Go-Montgenevre customers can take advantage of our great discounted prices through our partner company in france.

 *Only available for clients who book accommodation and/or transfers through or via us.

So why get your lift pass through us?

  • When pre-booked we give you discount every week on adult 6 day passes.
  • You have no queuing no hassle - faster onto the piste. Lift passes will be placed in your apartment prior to your arrival together with Piste Maps.
  • With our passes no photos are needed.*
  • With our passes if you lose them we will assist you in getting it replaced for only 5 euros.
  • Our 6 day  MDL pass (Monts De La Lune) pass carries a free 4 hour pass on the afternoon of your arrival.  Great for early birds!
  • For the 6 day MDL pass (Monts De La Lune) this includes free days available to Serre Chevalier, The Milky Way (Sestriere/San Sicario/Sauze D’Oulx),  Puy St Vincent, Les Deux Alpes & Alps D’Huez.
  • We pay the cost of the plastic pass card (3 euros). We do not charge for these but do ask that you return them to us at the end of your stay.
  • Our passes can be swapped around your group -if you need to babysit you can use 1 pass between 2 people.
  • We help with any problems you may encounter with your pass.


Lift Pass Prices:

Lift Pass

Area Pass Monte De La Lune

Monts De La Lune (MDL) is the standard area pass.  It covers Montgenevre & Claviere for the entire period of your stay (120km) and the 6 day MDL pass gives you free days into other neighbouring resorts. 

We have negotiated a Discount on the 6 day pass because of the volume of passes we use through our local partner company.  This only applies to adult 6 day MDL passes. We will automatically bill you at the correct rate for your week.

Other Resorts covered on your lift pass.

Each week we generally organise a trip to one of the nearby neighbouring resorts covered on your pass. We do charge for transport but the pass is part of your 6 day MDL.

  1. Serre Chevalier  25 mins. from £12.50 per person each way. Minimum 4 people.
  2. Milky Way (San Sicario) 20 mins. from £12.50 per person each way. Minimum 4 people.
  3. Puy St Vincent 50 mins. from £22 per person each way. Minimum 4 people.
  4. Les Deux Alpes 1 hr 30 mins. from £25 per person each way. Minimum 4 people.
  5. Alps d’Huez 1 hr 40 mins. from £30 per person each way. Minimum 4 people

Transport is subject to availability. Please note insurance is not covered with this pass unless requested. You would normally be covered under your ski holiday insurance but please check.  

Grand Montgenevre Pass* - Infant (5 and under) - Free**

*Montgenevre only - 6 day Mont de la Lune pass 5 years and under £32.73  **Free daily upon presentation of proof of age