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27th juni 2022.

Just the heights, the views, the weather and nature’s hues alone, make Montgenèvre pretty spectacular - they’ll take your breath away in fact - not just in summer, but particularly so. And the pursuits, well, they will leave you just as breathless.

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30th mei 2022.


High-Altitude Ice Rink in Montgenèvre, French Cottian Alps. Ice Skating in Montgenèvre village and ski resort is a whole new level of cool.

The scene is set - picture-perfect - with mountains and mountains of snow all around. And what is really cool is that it is an open-air, natural patinoire, ice rink – a frozen body of water, ready to be glided across, whether it be for sheer skating fun, learning the skill, or for exercise and sports like Ice Hockey.

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2nd mei 2022.

“Skiing without borders or boundaries”

In the heart of the Italian and French Alps towers the La Voie Lactee, as it is known in France and in Italy, the Via Lattea - the famous ‘Milky Way’ skiing domain. It is made up of a series of communes and ski resorts spanning the Italian and French Alps with over 400km of interconnected slopes that cross the borderline of Italy and France at Claviere on the Italian side and Montgenèvre in France. It is in fact the largest expanse of skiing territory in Europe and is so vast that it feels as if it reflects the very length and breadth of the night skies, milky way.

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Gomontgenevre luge montyexpress

8th april 2022.


Revel in pure enjoyment amid an authentic Alpine setting on an elevated, single rail sled ride, AKA the Luge Monty Express! Experience an exhilarating assault on every sense, that will leave you wanting more.

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Gomontgenevre webcam

22nd maart 2022.

Montgenèvre Webcam Action: Live, Panoramic HD Views.

An Aerial Perspective Hautes-Alpes

Take a bird’s eye view of the optimal, elevated ski areas in Montgenèvre, thanks to the ideally situated webcams. Positioned for your convenience and for real-time video footage of weather conditions and overall perspective of certain focal points around our picturesque ski resort.

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7th maart 2022.

At 1,860m altitude sits a village and ski resort of ancient origins and high and mighty proportions – that’s magical Montgenèvre.

Take it from us - Go Montgenèvre - having been established here since 2006 as mountain holiday specialists, Montgenèvre is an extra special place.

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Atp Montgenevre 8

11th februari 2022.

ESF, École Du Ski Français, is a renowned French-based ski school with over 220 locations spread far and wide across the French Alps.

What is even more impressive is that they have been teaching skiing in our valley since 1934. Combine that with the fact that Montgenèvre literally put skiing on the map, as the very first ski resort, in 1907, and you can’t get any more original and authentic than that! It goes without saying that skiing - in Montgenèvre, amid the mighty massifs and steep history - is not just skiing…

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9th februari 2022.


Montgenèvre might seem like a mouthful especially when you have to put on your best French accent, but it’s ok, c’est bon, it’s easier to say than you think!

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