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My time as a seasonaire with Go Montgenevre

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Having spent the past four winters in Montgenevre, I have had the true Montgenevre experience and it is definitely somewhere I now call home. I can happily say that the village welcomed me in with open arms, spending every day up and down the slopes, in and out of the restaurants and bars, building happy memories with those around you in such a wonderful place.

My first season started with traveling to Montgenevre amongst a team of people of all ages and backgrounds who I’d never met before. At the age of 19 it was exciting and nerve-racking, my first time living away from home and in a different country. My seasons then led to meeting an array of amazing people from all over the world. I was surrounded by English, French, Estonian, Spanish and Australian colleagues, plus the lovely bunch of locals that soon became good friends of mine. Having only skied for one week before starting my first season the slopes seemed a little daunting but I was ready to get up there, and within my first weekend I’d had the pleasure of taking part in an ESF lesson to boost my skills and get on my way. By the end of the first month I’d already bought my own skis and boots.

Go-Monty opened up a new world for me in Montgenevre, James, Julie, Ben and Dee (owners of the company) have always been close to me and my family but through having the opportunity to live and work in Montgenevre I have explored new sports, beautiful scenery and a lifestyle I came to love. They offer this support and these opportunities to all seasonaires as if we are part of one big family. Often I hear of seasonaires for other companies working late into the night and never having any time to ski in the day, however Go-Monty gave me the perfect balance to appreciate the work I was doing in return for living in the beautiful scenery of Montgenevre and its surroundings. A few of my favourite trips exploring include an evening drive to the Italian villages and towns just a stone’s throw from Montgenevre: Claviere, Cesana and Sansicario; visiting the lakes in Avigliana, near Turin, in Spring; and exploring the Col d’Izoard in the sunshine. Spring in Montgenevre is perfect for a morning ski on your day off and to soak up the sunshine on the balcony in the afternoon.

Even after spending four years out there, people still ask me if I miss being at home during Christmas time. Undoubtedly everyone misses their families or home comforts at some points during the season, but being on a season at Christmas makes you appreciate the small things about this celebration. Spending Christmas in Monty: going for a ski on a sunny day, a drink at Les Terrasses and then cooking a massive, delicious dinner in the chalet with the team that have now become your family is a very special way to celebrate.

Living in the Go-Monty accommodation is also a unique experience, always being surrounded by a very social and dynamic team and group of friends, working, living and socialising together. Go-Monty attracts like-minded people all naturally becoming part of the family in the mountains that James and Julie have created. Whether it’s dancing to 2 Fat Men in Le Graal, watching the Ice Hockey games in Briancon (hoping there’ll be a fight!) or cooking a big one-pot meal for 10 people, there is always a sense of community amongst the team. I’m sure all the ex-seasonaires and those who have lived in chalet St Bernard will agree.

Katie and Chelly the dog having a cuddle in Montgenevre

The best part of being able to ski for the whole season is that you get to experience all weathers! ‘Sunny Montgenevre’, as we know it, has kept its reputation as well as providing powder days even in those last few weeks of spring. There are always incredible conditions – on your day off you can get straight out there and enjoy it, or afternoons off work grab lunch on the balcony in the sun and then straight onto the ski lifts. The light early mornings in Spring got us up and out to enjoy ski-touring up the pistes as the sun rose over the valley. Being in the bowl when there is no one else around, having a cup of tea from the flask and working your way up that mountain to ski down on the freshly groomed corduroy all alone is an incredibly present and calming feeling; followed by a shower and then to the office, what a way to start your day.

Living in the resort gives you the opportunity to build fantastic relationships, that the owners of the company have already put in place for their employees, and these relationships leading to getting the best discounts and deals and feeling welcome wherever you go. As a seasonaire the village offers some great entertainment – beginning and end of the season parties, usually with a dress theme and Romain from Le Graal on the decks or our favourite 2 Fat Men playing all the classics. Plus, events at the other bars and tasters to the apres-ski activities on offer at the beginning of the season, all setting you up for a great season ahead full of fun events.

Monty has shown me the exhilarating feelings of skiing in powder for the first time, falling my way down the free-ride; walking through the woods in all directions to the most beautiful view-points or down the valley to La Vachette; boogying my nights away in Le Graal and Exit; to having BBQs in the Spring and celebrating what an amazing season you’ve had with all the special people you’ve met.


P.S - Applications are open for this coming season (2019/2020) go to the jobs page for more info.

Group photo of Go Montgenevre team on Les terraces in the sun.