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Book with Confidence – The French Alps awaits your return

Whether you are considering a comeback or plan to fall in love (and you will!) for the first time, with the Alps - a holiday in the mountains, Hautes-Alpes, is a favourable option. With us as your British French-Alps based holiday specialists - with our ears to the ground, literally, at 1,860m altitude - you are in for a treat.

You want to take a trip, let’s face it, it’s been a while. But you find it daunting and you feel uncertain about travelling and staying anywhere other than at home. Well, we want to put you at ease from the word go. Let us lay it out for you, to give you peace of mind so that you can stop worrying and start packing for your getaway to the French Alps. Take off for the late summer or the coming Autumn months, or for the start of the winter ski season. Either way, it’s about time – to head for the hills, or mountains, rather!

It’s not just the mountain air we can guarantee will be clean and healthy. We can assure you - when it comes to our cleaning protocols for our chalets and apartments – we pull out all the stops. So you can book your mountain holiday with us and not have to concern yourself for a second with hygiene and covid care.

Book with Confidence

Our cleaning regime for all accommodation and public spaces will make even Mrs Doubtfire stop and take note. We make sure our deep cleaning systems are in place before every new check-in, over and above our usual cleanliness standards. All touch-points are wiped down with strong disinfectant and chalets/apartments are aired out whenever possible.

Our top priority - other than making sure you have a marvellous time in magnifique Montgenèvre - is to keep our guests and staff safe, without fail.

You may decide – with all this cleaning going on – that you would prefer to opt for a guaranteed early check-in (yes there is a fee for this service) so that you don’t have to wait for us to get through the rigorous housekeeping ‘anti-covid’ cleanse.

There’s more…

Our robust cancellation policy means that you can Book with Confidence and not be deterred by the ever-changing nature of travel regulations and general rules right now - not knowing whether you are coming or going. We really do have your best interests in mind and want to work with you every step of the way. Allow us to assist you with every aspect of your trip with our assurances and many safeguards in place from the moment you make contact with us, and throughout.

GO MONTGENÈVRE offers thrilling summer activities, as well as what you can expect to experience in winter. Read further blogs too and get to know this region of the Alps a little more.

GO MONTGENÈVRE were awarded the ‘Best French Alps Holiday Agents in 2019’ by Lux Life's Global Hospitality Awards, and continue to operate at the highest standards today.

GO MONTGENÈVRE are dynamic and dedicated Alps hospitality connoisseurs - since 2006.