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A Farm-to-Table Feast at Ferme des Alberts

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Tucked away in the northern reaches of the Hautes-Alpes, between Briançon, Serre Chevalier, and Montgenèvre, and just a stone's throw from the Italian border, lies a rustic culinary gem - Ferme des Alberts. This working farm and restaurant, bathed in the sun of the Clarée Valley, a popular hiking and cross-country skiing destination, offers a dining experience that is as authentic as it is delightful.

At Ferme des Alberts, dining is akin to a comforting meal at grandma's house. The restaurant serves up simple yet flavorful dishes, all lovingly cooked on a traditional wood stove. Every element of the meal, from the sausage to the dessert, is homemade, 100% local, and farm-fresh. The set menu, which includes an appetiser, main course, and dessert, changes daily, reflecting the freshest produce and meats available from the farm.

Our meal commenced with 'Paté maison', a homemade pate that was a delightful introduction to the meal. The 'Salade verte vinaigrette moutarde' was a revelation - never before have we tasted such fresh, vibrant salad leaves. We were so impressed that we purchased some to take home!

The main course was a gastronomic masterpiece - Agneau à la cuillère, slow-cooked lamb that melted in our mouths, accompanied by 'Gratin d'oreilles d'an', a gratin made from thin pancakes and creamy spinach. The flavors were rich, comforting, and perfectly balanced.

For dessert, we indulged in a Caramel Flan, made with milk from the local cows and eggs from the farm. It was a sweet ending to a memorable meal. To accompany our meal, we enjoyed Petit Août, a Mollard and Cabernet Savignon from the Haute Alps, and a West coast IPA beer called Megagroove from local Brewerie Brewmasque. The drinks were the perfect complement to the food, enhancing the flavors and adding to the overall dining experience.

The service was impeccable, with Nolwen and Arthur, the couple who run the farm, ensuring that our evening was nothing short of perfect. Their passion for their work is evident in every aspect of the restaurant, from the quality of the food to the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, Ferme des Alberts is more than just a restaurant - it's a celebration of fresh, organic produce, traditional cooking methods, and genuine hospitality. We cannot recommend it highly enough and look forward to our next visit. Whether you're a local or a visitor to the area, a meal at Ferme des Alberts is a must.