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20th august 2021.

What is the weather like in Montgenèvre?

It isn’t a matter of luck that the sun (almost) always shines down on Montgenèvre. Its ideal geographical location and unique orientation, Hautes-Alpes, means that this special place holds the magical meteorological recipe for many sunny days, even during winter - a minimum of 300 days of the year, in fact, which is a très bon Alps average.

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Gomontgenevre lesalberts 2

6th juli 2021.

A few minutes from Montgenèvre lies the enchanting little hamlet of Les Alberts, which forms part of the district, commune of Montgenèvre. Montgenèvre and Les Alberts are linked geographically and historically. Les Alberts is nestled at the foot of Col de Montgenèvre and perfectly positioned as the south end starting point of the Vallée de la Clarée – a region of undulating, unspoilt landscapes, encompassed by majestic mountains and a scattering of picturesque, traditional villages along the way.

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Gomontgenevre flight alps

1st juli 2021.

Being tucked away in the Haute-Alpes at 1,860m does not deter from the fact that Montgenèvre is easily accessible from the nearest airport in the region. Montgenèvre is practically situated just 1km away from the Italian borderline, which makes the nearest airport across the border in Turin, the capital city of Piedmont in Northern Italy.

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Gomontgenevre Claviere

16th juni 2021.

Just as Montgenèvre is ideally situated - at 1,860m, in France, near the border of Italy - so too is Claviere, except it sits on the Italian side of the borderline, at 1,760m.

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Gomontgenevre Montgenevre Janus

10th juni 2021.

It’s hard to fault this idyllic village. You can’t quite help but fall in love with this Haute-Alpes gem from the moment you set foot, or ski, onto its snowy terrain. The fact that the village of Montgenèvre has been around for more than a century - its village charm comes naturally, without pretence and literally oozes a sunny disposition on most days. Known as France’s original and oldest ski resort, and termed ‘Monty’ by the British, it was only re-discovered in the ‘90’s from the Brits and others as they came to know and love all that it so effortlessly offers.

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19th maj 2021.


Just as the sun likes to shine down on Montgenèvre for the most part of the year – there is rarely a dull moment when it comes to things to do – even in winter – and even if you are not a skier.

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27th april 2021.

Svaret på dette spørgsmål er SIKKER!

Med en starthøjde på 1.860 m er Montgenèvre et af de mest snesikre feriesteder i Alperne, og der er en grund til, at det kaldes Haute-Alpes (Høje Alperne).

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