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19th July 2021.

Updated information on travelling to Montgenèvre from the UK. It’s time. Time to travel again… Time for some galivanting in the glory of the great outdoors. Get vaccinated (if you aren’t already) – and head for the hills – or mountains, rather!

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1st July 2021.

Being tucked away in the Haute-Alpes at 1,860m does not deter from the fact that Montgenèvre is easily accessible from the nearest airport in the region. Montgenèvre is practically situated just 1km away from the Italian borderline, which makes the nearest airport across the border in Turin, the capital city of Piedmont in Northern Italy.

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Gomontgenevre Claviere

16th June 2021.

Just as Montgenèvre is ideally situated - at 1,860m, in France, near the border of Italy - so too is Claviere, except it sits on the Italian side of the borderline, at 1,760m.

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10th June 2021.

It’s hard to fault this idyllic village. You can’t quite help but fall in love with this Haute-Alpes gem from the moment you set foot, or ski, onto its snowy terrain. The fact that the village of Montgenèvre has been around for more than a century - its village charm comes naturally, without pretence and literally oozes a sunny disposition on most days.

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3rd June 2021.

Imagine you are decompressing in a hot hub (jacuzzi) revived and relaxed, surrounded by snow, the stars are out on form, and you are drinking French Champagne or Italian Prosecco – the choice is yours! Now close your eyes and take yourself there for a minute… or a while.

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19th May 2021.


Just as the sun likes to shine down on Montgenèvre for the most part of the year – there is rarely a dull moment when it comes to things to do – even in winter – and even if you are not a skier.

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27th April 2021.

The answer to that question is FOR SURE! With a starting altitude of 1,860m, Montgenèvre is one of the top snowsure resorts in the Alps, its called the Haute-Alpes (High Alps) for a reason.

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