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High Life of The Grande Ski Scene: Via Lattea, The Milky Way

“Skiing without borders or boundaries”

In the heart of the Italian and French Alps towers the La Voie Lactee, as it is known in France and in Italy, the Via Lattea - the famous ‘Milky Way’ skiing domain. It is made up of a series of communes and ski resorts spanning the Italian and French Alps with over 400km of interconnected slopes that cross the borderline of Italy and France at Claviere on the Italian side and Montgenèvre in France. It is in fact the largest expanse of skiing territory in Europe and is so vast that it feels as if it reflects the very length and breadth of the night skies, milky way.

Best known as a winter sports destination, this extensive complex of interlinked resorts is located in the Piedmont region of Italy, not too far from the City of Turin. It includes the Italian resorts of contemporary Pragelato, diverse Sestriere, versatile Cesana-Sansicario, hip and happening Sauze d’Oulx, with the old town of Oulx, and authentic Claviere, the neighbour of France’s snowsure and magical Montgenèvre. Elevations all-round are high and mighty with the crowning glory of 2,800m at Mont Motta is in the Sestriere ski area.

The Via Lattea offers a diverse range of skiing opportunities on snowy terrain, on- and off-piste, with multiple options for lots of snow sports action. From the more usual skiing, snowboarding and snow-shoe hiking activity, to more unusual pursuits such as heli-skiing, free-riding, back-country touring and cross-country skiing, as well as dog-sled rides, snowmobiling, bobsledding and ice climbing, etc… to name a few of the thrilling snow-covered adventures you can experience in the Italian and French Alps.

Magnifique Montgenèvre

Our extra-special neck of these Alpine woods is known as the ‘French Connection’ of this ski domain, as it is the only resort on the French side at close range and adjoining the main ski areas of Via Lattea, on the Italian side. So, when in Montgenèvre you have the best of both worlds – skiing in France and the opportunity to ski in Italy. Happy days, heureux jours!

There is another reason for Montgenevre uniqueness, in that it is steeped in history – being the original and first Hautes-Alpes village to become the very first ski resort in France. Skiing is not just skiing in Montgenèvre.

“Passion Lives Here”

The Via Lattea is renowned for the Winter Olympics games, Torino 2006, where multi winter sports events took place, right across the region, with Sestriere and Cesana-Sansicario being the prime locations.

With so many leisure options at your disposal, you may feel overwhelmed by the scope of choices, not just on the snow. Accommodation, meals and other aspects of your time in the Alps need planning. We recommend, with a cappuccino in hand, that you open up this map of the Via Lattea (link) and start thinking about your Italian/French ski trip - beginning with Montgenèvre. We are here to help you piece together the details of your Hautes-Alpes holiday, with a great deal of care, attention and excitement.

PS: It is important to note that Wintertime is not the only season for an elevated adventure surrounded by the massifs – it is indeed a spectacular place to visit throughout the year for different reasons and we urge you to discover the grandeur of Via Lattea whenever you get the chance!

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