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The Company

Mission: We help people find adventure, fun, and relaxation in the mountains together.

At Go Montgenevre, we know that you want to reconnect with your loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors. In order to find that adventure, fun and relaxation, nothing beats a memorable mountain holiday.

The problem is the challenge of safe and reliable travel nowadays, not to mention the stress and time associated with organising your holiday. This makes you feel unsure about where to go and who to use for your vital and well-earnt holiday.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy safe, well-planned, financially secure, and all-around successful holiday.

Our company key characteristics:

1. Connection

We treat people as individuals and we are dedicated to our work because other people’s reconnection to nature and to each other depends on our work.

2. Fun under pressure

As a team, we stay positive and have fun even on a busy change over day and with all the current changes within global travel.

3. We have each other’s backs

We work together as a team that is like a family, where we honour everyone’s strengths.

Photo of the Go Montgenevre team lying in the snow and having fun.

As seen in;

Other driving values

  • Go Montgenevre aims to provide a quality product and pursue excellence.
  • Go Montgenevre aims to improve lives. Our holidays are a time of re-connection, restoration and reinvigoration.
  • Go Montgenevre is committed to relationship and so people are people first whether they be customers, staff or suppliers.
  • Go Montgenevre is community-based. We are committed to bringing cohesion and life to the place and spheres in which we work.
  • Go Montgenevre is both a creator and giver of resources. We aim to be generous and enabling.
  • Go Montgenevre is a place where money is a resource not the point.

Our team

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Dee Hodson

Job: Reservations Director

Member Since: 2012

Passions: Skiing, family and testing the spas & restaurants.

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Ben Hodson

Job: Managing Director

Member Since: 2006

Passions: Family, winter & board sports, business and creativity.

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James Hodson

Job: Founder & Director

Member Since: 2006

Passions: Skiing, walking, business & family.

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Julie Hodson

Job: Founder & Director

Member Since: 2006

Passions: Skiing, swimming, family & Daisy.

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Tim Morris

Job: Director

Member Since: 2006

Passions: Skiing, mountain biking, family and gadgets.

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Victoria Morris

Job: Operations Director

Member Since: 2019

Family, skiing & the mountains

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Dean Cunningham

Job: Transport Dispatcher

Member Since: 2020

Passions: Riding powder, piano music, family, mountains and fitness

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Marketa Schwey

Job: Euro Bookings & Admin

Member Since: 2019

Family, skiing & the mountains

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Katie Lanning

Job: Bookings & Admin

Member Since: 2015

Passions: Travel, mountains, walking, sustainability

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Nicola Simpson

Job: Resort Manager

Member Since: 2021

Passions: Skiing, teaching & Mountains

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Jo Lowin

Job: Administrator

Member Since: 2022

Travel, languages and family

Our reassurances

a) Insuring Client Funds

Protection of client funds and peace of mind: In compliance with government regulations for the protection of package holidays we provide 100% financial protection for all packages booked with Go Montgenevre. This will ensure that your holiday is fully protected and that no client funds are put in danger.

b) Environmental

We regularly seek to improve our environmental performance. This includes introducing digital-only booking and project management processes.

c) Social Impact

In everything we do, we aim to have as much positive social impact as possible. Our social values are based around acting with integrity, engaging with our local community, and developing people within this community to reach their full potential.

d) Equality

We are compliant to all statutory obligations set out in the Equality Act 2010. We are proactive in putting this into practice and have vast experience working with people from a range of ethnicities, age groups, genders, faiths and sexual orientations.

e) Health & Safety

We have a comprehensive policy relating to health and safety at work. This is regularly checked, and relevant actions are then carried out where needed. This policy is updated every 3 months to ensure we are fully compliant to UK and EU law. This is the responsibility of the nominated director.

f) Quality Control

We have a range of quality control procedures including account manager sign off and multiple checks on all work that. We have implemented a set of policies and procedures to reassure you that we align with UK and EU law. This means we deliver high-quality services and products without compromising on our core values and social drive. We monitor, review and develop these processes to guarantee our customers feel reassured and have confidence in everything we do.

g) Data-Handling

We have a clear data-handling policy that is compliant with all UK and European GDPR law, in line with the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). This will include any data we collect via direct research or monitoring. All data that is handed to us is only used and displayed after clear agreement with the client. All of our data is backed-up and secured via redundant storage devices over a secure network.