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Claviere is a ‘snow sure’ resort in Italy just across the border from Montgenèvre. The two resorts are connected with an excellent ski lift system forming a complete ski area with enough to keep most people busy during their holiday.
Claviere has retained the feel of a traditional and authentic alpine resort due to its location on the mountain pass on which it sits. The steep sides of Mt Chaberton and it’s proximity to the ski slopes have left little space for it to spread out. The beauty is that Claviere remains a little known gem in the Vialattea ski area that boasts amazing snow, a fantastic ski school that caters for English, French, Spanish and Italian speaking guests, a variety of restaurants, gift shops and a supermarket with the best wine and spirits selection you will find anywhere in the high valleys.

The ski area itself is perfect for beginners and intermediates with simple blues for those finding their ski legs and sweeping reds and blacks for intermediates. The Gialla race run is great fun and one of our favourite pistes in Claviere. The off-piste is extensive and definitely worth exploring with a guide.

On the mountain you can find an abundance of Baite (mountain restaurants) that offer everything from a quick snack to some of the local Piemonte dishes such as Polenta e Cervo (deer stew with polenta) and wild mushroom risotto.
Many of the baite offer an evening meal with a skidoo ride which is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss.

Not bad considering Claviere is Italy’s oldest ski resort!


Located out of Claviere, Hotel Bes offers guests a modern twist on the classic Alpine design. With spacious rooms and easy access to the pistes, the hotel offers guests great value accommodation and can be booked on a breakfast only or half-board option. Additionally, the hotel has a great in-house spa, complete with sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, which is perfect for a relaxing evening after a day of fun on the snow.

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Activities in Claviere

The Tibetan Bridge (Ponte Tibetano)

The Cesana Claviere Tibetan Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world, 544m long and at a height of approx.30m above the ground. The route takes you through the gorge of San Gervasio from just outside Claviere and winds its way back up to the bottom of the village and finishes in front of the Tibetan bridge office. There are a number of Via Ferrata along the route of the gorge giving access to the numerous mountain trails that wind through the stunning countryside.

Via Ferrata

There are a number of Via Ferrata located in Claviere. They are the Clari Via Ferrata, the Bunker Via Ferrata and there are several located on Mt Chaberton. They are all of varying length and difficulty and can be accessed at any point during the summer season. Full safety equipment is required and all can be hired from the Tibetan Bridge sales office in Claviere.

Trails And Hiking

With its unique position, straddling some of the most beautiful valleys in the Italian Western Alps and the French Hautes Alpes, Claviere is the ideal starting point for relaxing walks as well as more challenging treks.

The nature trails along the Rio Secco, the Piccola Dora and the Rio Gimont make it easy to get to know the flora and fauna of the valley floor and start you on a journey to discover the geological variety of the Alps and the wild beauty of little-known areas.

Experienced hikers can immerse themselves in the fascination of high mountain landscapes, where the short Alpine summer explodes in a kaleidoscope of flowers and where bare rock and the remains of human and military settlements emerge.

Bateria Bassa And Alta

Overlooking Claviere are two old anti-aircraft installations from WW2. The remains of both batteries are still present, dug into the rock of Mt Chaberton. Many of the original buildings still stand and the views both on the climb up and at the emplacements themselves
Both can be reached on foot and can provide an enjoyable morning or afternoon hike.

Bateria Bassa can be reached on foot on a medium difficulty trail taking around 1 hour or by taking the Via Ferrata from the roadside below..

Bateria Alta is along a slightly easier trail starting from Bateria Bassa and takes a further 45 minutes. There is also a more strenuous trail directly from Claviere up to Bateria Alta which can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes to complete.

Lago di Sette Colori (Lake Gignoux)

Lake of the 7 Colours (also known as Lake Gignoux) gets its name due to the iridescent shades of its waters which range from deep blue to light green. The lake, which lies at an altitude of 2,329 metres, can be reached by various routes such as the one starting from Capanna Mautino, from Baita Gimont or from the Gran Pace refuge at Colle Bercia. The trails are suitable for trekking and mountain biking and the well marked paths make it very easy to reach. It is located in a high valley between the mountains where there are no trees or places to take shelter which needs to be kept in mind if you decide to go on particularly hot and sunny days.

Lago Nero

Lago Nero is located at the foot of Col Saurel, at an elevation of 2019m. A few kilometers from the French border a high mountain region opens up, famous for its vast alpine meadows and lakes. Known for its water is crystal clear waters and numerous aquatic plants frame it together with some larches.

Lago Nero can be reached on foot from Bousson and Claviere. Not far from the lake there is a small sanctuary, the Madonna del Lago Nero, and just upstream of the lake is the refuge Capanna Mautinol.

Dotted about the area there are the ruins of many fortifications dating back to the Second World War.

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