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Hiking / Trailrunning

Montgenèvre is not only a well-known ski resort, but also a perfect playground for hikers and trail runners. We offer you the most famous hikes of all levels so that everyone can enjoy them, the proposed hikes are also possible in trail according to your level. From Montgenèvre are only a few minutes drive to many of the hiking places mentioned below, which are just as enjoyable.


Mount Chaberton

Are you sporty and eager to discover the surrounding peaks?

Mont Chaberton is probably the most beautiful hike in Montgenèvre. Once at the top, you can discover the Fort du Chaberton, a military vestige built at the beginning of the 20th century and now steeped in history.

Difference in altitude: 1260m

Altitude of the summit: 3131m

Walking time: 6 to 7 hours

Difficulty: very difficult


Janus fort, Infernet fort, Chenaillet and lakes.

By following the Telemix des chalmettes, then join the chairlift of the Gondrans which will take you to the top of the slopes of Montgenèvre to the summit of the angels (paying, open from 9.30am to 4pm). You can also leave Montgenèvre on foot, this adds about 600m of difference in altitude to the hikes mentioned below. From the summit of the Angels, you can reach many peaks or lakes:

Fort du Janus : Another vestige of war, this time on the French side, the summit offers an exceptional 360° view of the surrounding valleys. Accessible for families.

Difference in height: 300m

Altitude of the summit: 2522m

Walking time: about 3 hours

Difficulty: easy

Fort de l'Infernet:

Longer hike in km than the Fort du Janus, accessible to sporty families offering an exceptional view.

Difference in altitude: 200m

Altitude of the summit: 2377m

Walking time: about 3 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Mount Chenaillet:

Mount Chenaillet is a summit highly prized by geologists, a curiosity of nature: More than 155 million years ago, this summit was an underwater volcano. A playful course is proposed to you from the Sarrailles lake (by going down a little bit on the Cervières side) to the summit, this course will tell you more about this curious summit full of history. The course is of medium difficulty, accessible for sports families.

Difference in height : 500m

Altitude of the summit: 2650m

Walking time: about 5 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Lac des Sarrailles, Lac Noir and Lac Gignoux:

From the top of the angels, you can discover many lakes, you will just have to go down slightly on the Cervières side, the closest to the terminus being the Lac des Sarrailles (200m of difference in altitude for the return and 2h30 of walk, difficulty: easy). From this lake, you will be able to continue towards the Black Lake (200m of difference in level on the way back and about 3h30 of walk, difficulty: easy). From the Noir lake, you can then go to the Gignoux lake ( 300m of difference in altitude on the way back and 5h walking, medium difficulty ).

Hiking outside Montgenèvre:

Vallée de la Clarée : At only 20min drive from Montgenèvre, you can discover the Vallée de la Clarée, a preserved natural jewel classified Natura 2000, in the heart of the valley, many hikes for all levels are available to you: The Mont Thabor, the Pointe des Cerces, the Lac des Beraudes, the Lacs de la Clarée, the Plateau des Thures. Many refuges are present in the valley: refuge de Buffère, refuge de Laval, Refuge du Thabor... They will allow you to hike in itinerancy or simply to spend a pleasant night in altitude.


From Briançon, you can go on many hikes: La Croix de Toulouse, the Orceyrette lake, Le Prorel (accessible by cable car, paying, only 200m of difference in height from the terminus).

La grave, Col du Lautaret ( Parc des Ecrins ):

For a 40min drive, you will have the possibility to go to the heart of the Parc National des Ecrins, a protected natural park offering breathtaking landscapes ( Beware, dogs are forbidden in the park ). Moreover, most of the hikes in the park are difficult and unsuitable for young people). From the Col du Lautaret, it is possible to reach the Grand Lac (outside the park, dogs are allowed), in the park, you can reach the Lac de la Douche and the Lacs d'Arsines, at the foot of majestic glaciers. You can also reach the Pontet lake, very accessible with only 5 minutes walk. From the foot of the pass, you will be able to reach the highest lake of the high alps, the lake of the pavé but also an altitude refuge full of history: the Adèle Planchard refuge. From La Grave, it is possible to take the cable car (for a fee) from which you can reach the Puy Vachier lake from the intermediate station, then join the magnificent Girose glacier from the terminus (possibility to visit the ice cave, fee payable). You can also go to the Emparis plateau, out of the park, dogs allowed.

Vallée de Vallouise ( Parc des Ecrins ):

For a 45min drive, you will have the possibility to go to the heart of the Ecrins National Park, a protected natural park offering breathtaking landscapes ( Attention, dogs are forbidden in the park ). Moreover, most of the hikes in the park are difficult and unsuitable for young people ). La Vallouise is the second site of mountaineering in France, many activities are offered, hiking in the heart of the park, you can discover the famous Glacier Blanc, the largest and most impressive of the high alps, you can also discover the lake Eychauda and the refuge des Bans, a friendly place accessible for families.


All the above mentioned hikes are possible by trail, the Hautes-Alpes are a real playground to run in altitude, you can follow the trail area of Montgenèvre, courses made by professionals adapted to different levels. A map of the courses is available. Many trail races are organized in summer and winter, here is our selection of the most beautiful mountain races in the area:

Snow race: 02/02/2020 in Montgenèvre : During the course, you will have the opportunity to discover the landscapes of Montgenèvre otherwise than on skis, in the heart of larch forests and wide open spaces, all under the magnificent sun of Montgenèvre.

2 courses are proposed to you, one of 11km, one of 22km.

Site for registration: https://www.genialp.com/inscri...

( 30€ per person )

Sky race: 11/07/2020 to 12/07/2020 in Montgenèvre :

The different races offer you the possibility to go through various playgrounds which offer incredible landscapes, some courses go up above 3000m of altitude to reach the most beautiful summits of the area like the Mont Chaberton and its unavoidable fort, a real journey in altitude.

4 courses are proposed to you:

- 42 Km (3000 m+)

- 27 Km (1500 m+)

- 13 Km (700 m+)

- 7 Km (80 m+)

And children's shopping.

Site for registration: https://skyrace-montgenevre.ru...

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