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Ski Hire


When pre-booking ski-hire, Go-Montgenevre customers can take advantage of our great discounted prices through our local partner company. We believe that you should enjoy your trip from the start and not have to endure the nightmare ski hire shop moment. Our service allows you to avoid this potential pain.

Our ski hire partner offers the following:

  • Friendly, helpful, English speaking staff
  • Good equipment that is updated regularly
  • Staff who work hard to make sure you have the correct fitting for your feet
  • Ability to change equipment that doesn’t work for you – as often as you like during your stay
  • Discounted price of up to 50% on the list price on our all pre-bookings
  • Special late night opening for our clients on evening flights
  • Special early morning opening to beat the queues

On top of this we offer our SERVICE EXTRA PACKAGE at no extra charge:

  • We'll drive you to the hire shop and take you and your kit back to the chalet/apartment/hotel you're staying in.
  • If you have a problem we'll go back to the shop with you.
  • We'll collect all your kit from your chalet/apartment/hotel at the end of your stay and take it back to the shop for you so you don't have to.*

What is not included:

  • Cover for breakage (minor problems we normally sort out with the shop for you).
  • Cover for theft. This should come under your travel insurance – but it is a very rare event.

A ski "pack" consists of skis/poles/boots and a helmet, but items can be mixed-and-matched as required.

*If you are staying on the Obelisque area of the village, where the ski hire shop is located, we kindly ask that you return your hire yourself before 6.30pm on your last day of skiing.

6.5 days

6.5 daysPack (incl helmet)Skis/Board & BootsSkis/Board & HelmetSkis/Board-Only
Blue (adult beginner)£82£69£68£55
Red (adult intermediate)£103£89£84£71
Black (adult advanced)£121£108£100£87
Gold (adult expert)£133£120£111£98
Child (3-6)£41£41£33£33
Junior Ski (7-11)£49£49£38£38
Junior Competition£86£86£75£75
Teen Ski (12-17)£57£57£46£46
Teen Competition£89£89£71£71
Junior Snowboard£86£86£75£75
Boots Only£28  

5 days

5 daysPack (incl helmet)Skis/Board & BootsSkis/Board & HelmetSkis/Board-Only
Blue (adult beginner)£70£59£60£49
Red (adult intermediate)£92£81£74£63
Black (adult advanced)£107£96£88£77
Gold (adult expert)£116£105£94£83

4 days

4 daysPack (incl helmet)Skis/Board & BootsSkis/Board & HelmetSkis/Board-Only
Blue (adult beginner)£59£50£52£44
Red (adult intermediate)£79£70£62£53
Black (adult advanced)£91£82£75£67
Gold (adult expert)£97£88£80£71

3 days

3 daysPack (incl helmet)Skis/Board & BootsSkis/Board & HelmetSkis/Board-Only
Blue (adult beginner)£46£39£40£34
Red (adult intermediate)£63£57£48£41
Black (adult advanced)£71£64£60£53
Gold (adult expert)£76£70£63£57