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Infrastructure Investment for Montgenèvre

A massive investment project for the massifs, begins last quarter of 2022.

Montgenèvre village and resort, in the heart of the French Alps, has recently been granted a substantial financial boost - based on the ‘Mountain Plan’ for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region – primarily, in order to upgrade the resort’s infrastructure for tourism and economic intentions.

The Briançonnais community of municipalities made the application as part of the ‘2030 Resort Contracts’, and 43-million Euro has been earmarked specifically for Montgenèvre, for ‘ecologically virtuous projects which will perpetuate the economic model of the resort.’

The Monty magic prevails

Montgenèvre’s magic that transcends any man-made endeavours is about to be enhanced, and we, as mountain holiday agents based in Montgenèvre since 2006, could not be more thrilled.

Says Chantal Eyméoud, Vice-President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region:

We need a sustainable mountain in terms of economy but also respect for the environment.

The geographical location and unique orientation of Montgenèvre is the magical meteorological recipe for ideal weather scenarios all year round. With its sunny disposition - 300 days, on average, of the sun shining brightly even in the midst of winter and ski season - having some infrastructural improvements will certainly go a long way in enriching the visitors’ experience overall.

We too feel it’s time to move forward, overdue in fact, and part of that requires investment, which thankfully has been approved. The Covid crisis certainly dashed any ideas of continuing to create the magic for visitors escaping to the mountains, since the outbreak in 2020.

Now after more than two years of a complete halt to tourism and hospitality in the region, investment into the ski area, ski lifts and tourism diversification is welcomed in our commune.

Not only will the living environment and facilities be upgraded, the cash injection will also bring further diversification to sports and leisure activities.

Plans in place to proceed

Within this year, work will begin on the chairlift at Rocher de l’Aigle, replacing the fixed 4-seater with a highspeed 6-seater chairlift, bringing a significant speed change from 15 minutes to about 5 minutes. This will greatly facilitate the link to the Via Lattea, Milky Way ski territory in Italy.

For those who don’t know, Montgenèvre, which officially forms part of the Via Lattea and is known as the ‘French Connection’, is the only link from France that gives direct access to Italy’s Via Lattea ski territory.

Works to follow in 2023 will include the Chalvet lifts: the gondola lift will be modernised and the fixed chairlift with be replaced with a detachable chairlift.

The installation of a new chairlift at Durancia in order to serve the new Clôt Enjaime zone of Montgenèvre is believed to begin in 2024.

Regional regeneration

Along with these critical improvements to the infrastructure and resort facilities, adjoining villages and resorts are also making changes. Via Lattea has new owners and Claviere - the next village along from Montgenèvre, and on the Italian side of the borderline - is also adding a lift to the back of Rocher de l’Aigle, making the to-ing and fro-ing during ski season even easier between the French and Italian sides.

As we have a vested interest in these developments, we will keep you informed as to the progress of these projects.

GO MONTGENÈVRE are well-established and trusted holiday specialists for the Montgenèvre community and surrounds, and your happiness and the quality of your Hautes-Alpes experience are always at the forefront of what we do.

Source: Le Dauphiné, TPBM and Montgenevre.fr