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Montgenèvre Webcam Action: Live, Panoramic HD Views

An Aerial Perspective Hautes-Alpes

Take a bird’s eye view of the optimal, elevated ski areas in Montgenèvre, thanks to the ideally situated webcams. Positioned for your convenience and for real-time video footage of weather conditions and overall perspective of certain focal points around our picturesque ski resort.

With a base altitude of 1,860m Montgenèvre’s vistas are pretty splendid, to say the least – on and off the camera. And it is a known fact that Montgenèvre’s weather is something to smile about too. No matter the season. This delightful commune of Massif proportions has a sunny disposition for 300 days of the year. And when it’s not sunny, well then, it’s precipitating.

High expectations

In Winter, the snowfall, cover and conditions in Montgenèvre can be monitored at any time. Whether you are taking a closer look of the weather from wherever you are in the world, prior to departing for your ski trip, OR you are literally sitting with a café et patisserie in hand, in the comfort of your chalet, our side of the world, just before you set off and hit the snow for the day. Our webcams will enable you to check out the ski scene at any time.

You will of course expect some of the best snow conditions this side of the Alps, along with sun-shiny days – but best to check how the land lies especially at the top of your favourite high-flying run, by conveniently surveying Montgenèvre’s webcams, with more than half a dozen dotted about in all the right places.

Distance lends enhancement to the view

Our webcams are in eight prime positions:

#1 >> Col de Montgenevre
#2 >> Front de Neige
#3 >> Sommet TS Brousset
#4 >> Sommet TSD Gondrans
#5 >> Sommet TS Crete
#6 >> Rocher de L’aigle
#7 >> Sommet TMX Serre Thibaud
and actually #8 >> Sommet TS Chalvet

Webcam #1 >> Col de Montgenevre

This webcam is situated along the mountain pass on the Route d’Italie, in the village. This road is an important connection as the ‘lowest’ point at 1,860m, of the principal crossing of the Alps, between France and Italy.

Webcam #2 >> Front de Neige ‘Snow Front’

Situated in the village ‘front and centre’ – this webcam is right at the forefront of the central, immediate ski area, where it all kicks off.

Webcam #3 >> Sommet TS Brousset

Positioned at the summit and top terminal of the télésiège, chairlift of Brousset – a mountain peak of Grand Charvia. The aerial lift is about one kilometre north-west of Montgenèvre village and this is where the webcam sits, at a height of 2,188m/2,191m at the top of this off-piste thrill of a run.

Webcam #4 >> Sommet des Gondrans

Overlooking the expert run of Les Gondrans, and high speed, detachable chairlift, Les Gondrans’ webcam monitors weather conditions at 2,447m/2,460m.

Webcam #5 >> Sommet TS Crête

This webcam is situated at the highest accessible point of Crête du Grand Bois, by the télésiège, chairlift at 2,455m, and is the neighbour of Mont Chaberton.

Webcam #6 >> Rocher de l’Aigle

At the highest point of skiing from Rocher de l’Aigle, on the cusp of the Italian borderline; stationed at the top of the peak alongside the chairlift at 2,581/2,595m, this webcam braves the elements 24/7/365.

Webcam #7 >> Sommet TMX Serre Thibaud

Another of Montgenèvre’s webcams that sits high and mighty - upon the mountain summit of Serre Thibaud. at an altitude of 2,550m, at the top of the combined gondola ski lift, télémix station.

Webcam #8 >> Sommet TS Chalvet

The webcam at the summit of Chalvet sits south-facing at the top of the télécabine ski lift station, 2,577m high. It is accessible to view but not open to ski. As this run is the neighbour of Serre Thibaud, all is not lost, if you change course and venture to the summit of Serre Thibaud.

And so, having viewed our live webcams, once you arrive in person, standing upon a peak, you will be captivated by the panoramic views, left breathless by the fresh, crisp air and dizzy from the highest of heights, the Hautes-Alpes has to offer! And be aware, being so high, with your head in the clouds, the magic of Montgenèvre will draw you in and you will never want to leave.

Montgenèvre’s webcams are operated by mongenevre.com – the official tourism website of our village and ski resort commune.