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Ski Lessons in Montgenèvre with ESF Ski School

ESF, École Du Ski Français, is a renowned French-based ski school with over 220 locations spread far and wide across the French Alps.

What is even more impressive is that they have been teaching skiing in our valley since 1934. Combine that with the fact that Montgenèvre literally put skiing on the map, as the very first ski resort, in 1907, and you can’t get any more original and authentic than that! It goes without saying that skiing - in Montgenèvre, amid the mighty massifs and steep history - is not just skiing…

Montgenèvre - an ideal family setting for all, for skiing and other snow sports

As luck would have it, if you are a beginner, you won’t find a better place to learn. And you may as well learn from the best - that’s ESF. We don’t do half measures in Monty! So, whether you have limited skiing experience or are a complete novice, Montgenèvre is a great place to start. The real bonus though is that Montgenèvre is one of the best mixed-ability resorts in Europe. In addition, its idyllic setting, sitting pretty at 1,860m, coupled with its foolproof meteorological recipe for great snow record and sun shiny days, radiates good opportunity for all who visit during ski season.

Nestled between two slopes, the Col de Montgenèvre mountain pass is highly accessible and is the gateway to the most magnificent environment and territories, like Les Gondrans, Mont Chaberton, the Vallée de la Clarée and Italy’s Via Lattea.

The pursuit of happiness is all downhill from here

Montgenèvre’s immediate ski area comprises 110km slopes and the layout is ideal and includes a prominent, dedicated beginner’s area, easy learner slopes and wonderfully wide open valley runs. To be precise, the runs overall consist of 7 green, 25 blue, 38 red and 18 black runs.

Whether your intention is to have fun, learn, progress, improve, discover, or perfect a technique, taking to the ‘pow’ with an ESF instructor means you will be adding to the many marvellous moments the village of Montgenèvre collects. Oh, and they say, “if you are not falling, you are not learning”. Remember that next time you wipe out! And don’t worry, the number one Alpine Responsibility Code is “always stay in control” and with ESF by your side, you can’t go wrong.

ESF’s set up in the commune of Montgenèvre is nothing but well established and exceptional. Many instructors are English-speaking and they are professional, officially qualified, competent, knowledgeable and passionate about the mountains and snow sports.

The ski school premises is situated in the hub of the village, in the Espace Prarial centre, on the Route d’Italie, the main road that runs through Montgenèvre.

As family holiday specialists, Go Montgenèvre have been working with ESF ski school since we started to operate in the area in 2006 – so we can provide you with the detail and we can also vouch for their terrific track record on and off the slopes.

Let us book you - and your gang - in for lessons, either as part of a general group or, a private one-on-one or small group scenario with your family – making the time with your dedicated ESF instructor totally tailored according to your requirements and level of experience.

If you happen to be a bit of a whizz on skis – allow ESF to show you the area in a different way – if you are up for some new discoveries and chilled skills with an instructor/guide who has mastered the art of all things snow – we have it on good authority you will be left breathless!

ESF covers all the bases

They really have thought of anything and everything ski-related – for all ages and stages. From that first crucial lesson to free-style and off-piste skiing… ski touring and Nordic skiing and even Handi-skiing. They have childcare facilities and a kid’s ski club… safety courses and other services… and the list goes on. No one is left out in the cold, and everyone is included.

So, the only thing left to say – or ask, is… WHEN ARE YOU COMING?!

We know snow.
ESF and Go Montgenèvre:
May the course be with you!