Who we are


  • Go Montgenevre aims to provide a quality product and pursue excellence.
  • Go Montgenevre aims to improve lives. Our Holidays are a time of re-connection, restoration and refreshment.
  • Go Montgenevre is committed to relationship and so people are people first whether they be customers, staff or suppliers.
  • Go Montgenevre is community based. We are committed to bringing cohesion and life to the place and spheres in which we work.
  • Go Montgenevre is both a creator and giver of resources. We aim to be generous and enabling.
  • Go Montgenevre is a place where money is a resource not the point.


Our aim is to provide the kind of holiday that combines excellence with real value that will tempt you to come back and bring your friends with you.

This means you like the place, you like the people and you like the price.

Our company was set up in 2006 out of a need to house the growing number of friends and family who wanted to visit Montgenevre. We are a family based business who love Montgenevre and the area and are committed to providing excellent holidays here. Over the years we have grown to become one of the largest providers of holidays in Montgenevre. Our commitment to a great holiday has led to a lot of repeat business and a lot of word of mouth growth.


  • Buying something we’re really pleased with.
  • Finding what you were promised is really there – or better.
  • Being treated like people.
  • Someone to talk to if there are problems.


  • Pushy companies who try to make you buy things you don’t want.
  • Companies who promise one thing and deliver another.
  • Being treated like a number and not a person.
  • No-one interested if there are problems.


There is something not quite right with this photo, can you see it?

There is something not quite right with this photo, can you see it?



Rachel Hall

Vicky  Wilson

Dee Hodson

Emilie Geraudel Dagnet
On maternity leave.

Resort Team

Ben Hodson

Rebecca B
Rep Manager

Katie R
Catering Manager

Cat C
Apres Activities


Bruno Simon
Technical Director

Katie L
House Keeping Manager

Georgia B

Amelia D

Chris R

Driving Team

Davey Mckinnon
Driving Director

Rachel P
Driving Manager
Andy C
Jon P
Rob H
Luca O
Aran W
Tom R


James Hodson - Founder & Director.  Julie Hodson - Founder & Director.  Tim Morris - Director.  Ben Hodson - Director